2019MWC | Our New Strength in the 5G Smart IoT Era
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 Mobile World Congress, or MWC, the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry, was convened in Barcelona, Spain on February 25. 5G was absolutely the highlight of this four-day meeting that shows the world how new technologies change our daily lives. We presented at this event the cutting-edge technologies in the wireless communication and IoT industries to show our new strength in the IoT era. 



       As wireless communication technology evolves and vertical applications soar, more and more "unbelievable" technologies are emerging around us. Revolving around the layout of "Hardware-Vertical Application-Network", we fully demonstrated our value in smart IoT and network technology. 


 5G Network Solutions

       We displayed solutions to NB-IoT smallcell equipment and network construction based on the theme of New Era of 5G Smart IoT, focusing on the spread of 5G network evolution and expansion of the scale of 5G applications. Our NB-IoT smallcells are now available in intelligent parking and remote meter reading. Our NB-IoT smallcells are now available in intelligent parking and remote meter reading. 



IoT Solutions

          The enthusiasm for the IoT is growing immensely even at the MWC 2019. We introduced clients to the typical applications of the IoT, such as solutions to the smart water utility, smart firefighting, smart energy consumption, smart parking, smart finance, smart logistics, and smart manufacturing. Supported by independent R&D and external partnership, we focus on top-down integrated IoT services based on the value of equipment connection to meet the increasing demands for industrial applications. 


Cooperation for Smart Future 

       Our NB-IoT smallcells, modules, smart terminals, and IoT solutions attracted many Chinese and foreign clients who stopped for visit and business talks. Through the MWC platform, we learned about world's leading communications technology, applications, and development trends as well as having discussions with companies from China and other countries on opportunities for cooperation in the new 5G era.


Going All Out in 2019

         Following the IoT trend, Super Telecom has completed the IoT layout of utilities + logistics + environmental protection + information security + other sectors. Looking back on 2018, we had sped up the construction of network technology and the IoT to organize the IoT platform of Hardware-Vertical Application-Network comprehensively. These hard-won results are the joint efforts of Super Telecom and our partners. 



        This forward-looking layout, plus opportunities in our times earns us a place in the area of the Internet of Things. We will go all out to accelerate the layout of the value ecological chain and contribute to the sustainable development of the entire industry!