Intelligent Energy

Intelligent energy system is perceived by smart hardwares such as smart meters, smart collectors and smart oil generators. It collects the total electricity consumption of customers, electricity consumption of oil generators and related data, monitors the running status in real time, manages and analyzes the electricity consumption by management platform.It is widely used in operators, China Tower, schools, hospitals, transportation hubs and other fields.

Ammeter Collector

Major Function:
+ Sub-metering: Understanding electrical composition
+ Multiple acquisition modes: Adopt wireless (2/3/4G/NB) or IP energy harvester + meter to return energy consumption data
+ Energy-saving equipment remote setting and fault management: realize the remote management of the energy-saving
+ Assessment of energy-saving and its profit
+ Function module of software platform
Characteristics and Advantages:
+ Multiple collecting pattern combination, cover multiple scenes (outdoor, indoor, basement, etc.)
+ Adequate experience with the same type of project. High quality of project team members.
+ Ammeter hardware obtains metering certification, National Grid ,China Southern Grid .

Intelligent Ammeter

Major Function:
+ Measurement rates and periods: we can set 4 modes, including sharp, peak, flat and valley. You can set 14 periods in a day. The minimum interval is 15 minutes.
+ Data storage freeze: active energy and power data can be preserved for 10 years. The important data at specific times includes: timing freeze, instantaneous freeze and cycle freeze, etc.
+ Event record: power off record, programming, timing, power cutting, etc.
+ Communication function: the basic communication method is: RS485 communication, infrared communication, loT module.
+ Charge control function: The product uses RS485 as the communication channel or carrier communication channel for remote charge, with the ESAM module, we can decrypt the public network data, and realize the secure authentication of public network data.

Gasoline Generator Data Collector

The oil power generator management system is suitable for mobile oil power generation management, which is composed of data collector, server, web client and mobile phone App. Data upload can adopt wireless 2/3/4G/NB communication mode. The functions of the system include real-time monitoring, information management, generation cost management, oil scheduling, maintenance and management, etc

Major Function:
+ The terminal uses 7 terminal LTE full Network module.
+ It can realize Real-time monitoring of three-phase voltage, current, measurement of generator power, active power, frequency.
+ It can realize Real-time monitoring of three-phase voltage, current, measurement of generator power, active power, frequency.
+ With oil no-load alarming function.
+ With data caching function after network interruption.
+ With GPS, and the oil generator keep monitoring tracking after oil generator power-off.