Chengdu Hop Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Chengdu Hop Environmental Protection Technology, a holding high-tech firm of STS, is a leading domestic manufacturer of energy-saving goods and provider of solutions to emission reduction and energy management. Our close cooperation with domestic and foreign industries such as telecommunication, power, high energy consumption, and public service has produced technological innovations, products and overall solutions concerning energy conservation, emission reduction, and energy efficiency management.
In the future, our subsidiary Sunray will continue to cooperate with Huawei, China Unicom and other partners to jointly create an open Internet of things ecology, so as to promote the large-scale product landing in the Internet of things market and promote the innovation and reform of new ideas, new technologies and new models in the Internet of things field.

With the vision of maximizing energy efficiency and environmental protection, Hop utilizes professional experience in energy-saving control to eliminate energy waste and improve energy efficiency.The company in line with the "professional, fine, in-depth" research and development ideas, efforts to achieve "low-carbon life, low-carbon development, fine energy saving".In response to the growing challenges of climate change, we help our customers reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by providing leading green and energy-saving products and systems that deliver the best social, economic and environmental benefits.