Elevator Safety Monitoring
Elevator safety monitoring collects data through sensors, which are uploaded to the IoT cloud platform via NB-IOT/4G. It supervises the safety status of elevators in real time, automatically analyzes common faults and sound an alarm. Therefore, it provides all-round safety management, such as elevator fault alarm, trapped people rescue, daily control, quality assessment, and hidden danger prevention. The smart monitoring system ensures an elevator is safe to use and emergency rescues are carried out smoothly.

Elevator Monitor

Name of SensorMain Function
Human Body SensorDetecting if there is someone inside the elevator
Leveling SensorDetecting the status of the elevator: level, up or down
Ceiling SensorDetecting if the elevator goes up to the limit
Bottom SensorDetecting if the elevator goes down to the limit
Elevator Door SensorDetecting if the elevator door is open
Temperature Sensor 1Detecting the temperature inside the elevator
Temperature Sensor 2Detecting the temperature inside the black box
Smoke SensorDetecting smoke and fire in the elevator and sounding the alert
Acceleration SensorAnalyzing the normal acceleration range of the elevator. If it is out of range, information will be reported to the elevator monitoring center.
BarometerCalculating the floor where the elevator is at by detecting the atmospheric pressure and upload the data to the monitoring center.