Smart Meters

NB-loT Wireless Water Meter

Adopting the NB-IoT technology, it has the characteristics of wide coverage, many connections, low cost, low power consumption and excellent architecture, etc.

LoRa Wireless Water Meter

Adopting the LoRa technology, it provides users with a simple system that can achieve long range, long battery and large capacity.

Product Features

+ Remote control of valve switches to solve the problem of arrears
+ Support multiple measurement methods
+ Data with time, can realize ladder pricing
+ ERFCU design with low power
+ Waterproof structure design, protection class IP68
+ Support remote wireless upgrade
+ Double-sided replaceable battery structure design for easy battery replacement
+ Freeze data reporting to provide effective data support for DMA partition metering
+ Software management platform can customize various charging systems

NB-IoT Meter

LoRa Gas Meter

Product characteristics

+ Adopt LoRa/NB-IoT technology.
+ Reliable transmission under low power consumption.
+ Wireless automatic routing technology.
+ Alarm prompt, LCD display.
+ IP65 protection, Exib ⅡBT3 GB explosion-proof.
+ Remote reading of meter data.
+ Read meter configuration parameter information.
+ Timing reporting function.
+ Freeze data reporting.
+ Valve control function: remote on-off, magnetic attack switch, battery under-voltage shut-off, automatic shut-off.
+ Alarm function: under voltage alarm, magnetic attack alarm, disassembled alarm, arrears alarm.
+ Wireless upgrade program: Perform wireless upgrade program on meter by the management system or mobile APP. It can repair BUG in time and make the product run stably.

Ammeter Collector

Major Function:

+ Sub-metering: Understanding electrical composition
+ Multiple acquisition modes: Adopt wireless (2/3/4G/NB) or IP energy harvester + meter to return energy consumption data
+ Energy-saving equipment remote setting and fault management: realize the remote management of the energy-saving
+ Assessment of energy-saving and its profit
+ Function module of software platform

Intelligent Ammeter

Major Function

+ Measurement rates and periods: we can set 4 modes, including sharp, peak, flat and valley. You can set 14 periods in a day. The minimum interval is 15 minutes.
+ Data storage freeze: active energy and power data can be preserved for 10 years. The important data at specific times includes: timing freeze, instantaneous freeze and cycle freeze, etc.
+ Event record: power off record, programming, timing, power cutting, etc.
+ Communication function: the basic communication method is: RS485 communication, infrared communication, loT module.
+ Charge control function: The product uses RS485 as the communication channel or carrier communication channel for remote charge, with the ESAM module, we can decrypt the public network data, and realize the secure authentication of public network data.