Our Culture
The past 20 years of hard work have forges a fine corporate culture, the valuable spiritual wealth of STS, and the powerful force that drives STS forward.

1. Our value:
Every Bit with Great Care

Every Bit with Great Care is in our core values, the foundation of our business. It constantly encourages our staff to challenge themselves and strive for perfection.

  1. Down-to-earth: forging first-class teams, products, and services and good reputation, and refining the quality and efficiency of development.
  2. With Innovation at the Core: embrace the development trend and putting clients first; seek breakthroughs in business modes, technology, management, products, and services.

2. Vision:
Long-term and Sustainable Development

We aim at creating an enduring business model with our core competitiveness and strengths in the market. Ultimately, a good internal operation mechanism and a sound external environment will lead to long-term sustainable development.

  1. We aim to become a respected leading tech firm with first-class services and excellent quality. To do so, we have set the goal of creating a proud, wealthy STS of remarkable achievements.
  2. In the new era, our strategic goal is to become a professional leading service provider of communications network and IoT solutions as well as an a manufacturer of intelligent hardware.

3. Our Mission:
Make Innovations for Clients

Clients are the only reason for us to exist. Their demands are the direction of our development. Their level of satisfaction is the standard to evaluate our performance.

  1. We will continue to develop client-oriented business beyond their expectation and create value for them.
  2. We will continue to take care of their needs and make innovations for them.

4. Corporate Spirit:
Love Your Career, Love Your Life

Love your career and love your life is how STS staff live and work. We provide them with a platform for living and development, through which they receive reasonable rewards and memorable experiences.

  1. We put employees first, respect their value andbuild a platform for them to tap their own potential for the realization of personal value and the sharing of achievements in development.
  2. We take care of their life, mental health, and growth by fulfilling their appropriate needs.

5. Business Philosophy:
Sharing Capital among Clients,
Employees, and Society

We attach great importance to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility by providing customers with the best service, employees with a platform for career development, and shareholders with the maximum value in order to contribute to society as much as possible.

  1. Share benefit with clients, provide clients with the best services and products, and constantly create value for them.
  2. Grow with employees, safeguard their rights and interests, realize their value, and improve their happiness index.
  3. Create wealth with capital, adhere to the combination of the industry and finance, and provide capital gain.
  4. Develop with society, and contribute to building a harmonious society.