Intelligent Water Utilities

Through the combination of sensor technology, Internet of things, big data and other technologies, our intelligent water utilities solution can build a comprehensive intelligent perception water utilities system, which can timely analyze and process massive water supply information, manage the production, management and service flow of water supply system in a more precise and dynamic way, to meet the strategic requirement of informational development for city.

NB-loT Wireless Water Meter

Adopting the NB-IoT technology, it has the characteristics of wide coverage, many connections, low cost, low power consumption and excellent architecture, etc.

LoRa Wireless Water Meter

Adopting the LoRa technology, it provides users with a simple system that can achieve long range, long battery and large capacity.

Product Features

+ Remote control of valve switches to solve the problem of arrears
+ Support multiple measurement methods
+ Data with time, can realize ladder pricing
+ ERFCU design with low power
+ Waterproof structure design, protection class IP68
+ Support remote wireless upgrade
+ Double-sided replaceable battery structure design for easy battery replacement
+ Freeze data reporting to provide effective data support for DMA partition metering
+ Software management platform can customize various charging systems