Telecommunication Technology Services
As one of the earliest enterprises to enter the field of communication technology service in China, Super Telecom have top level credentials in telecommunication engineering contracting and communications network maintenance,etc. We are strategic partner of various operators and China Tower in terms of engineering, maintenance, and optimization, also provides comprehensive information technology services for government agencies, municipal governments, radio and television networks, power grids and other industries. We are becoming the sponsor and advocate of standards for communications technology services. At present, we has set up business in 23 provinces such as Guangdong, Sichuan, Guangxi, Jiangsu, Hunan, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang and Fujian.

Communication Engineering Service


STS can provide comprehensive communication engineering services for operators. Our main businesses includes: broadband engineering, integrated wireless engineering, core network engineering, transmission engineering, indoor coverage and IDC system engineering, and also actively participates in municipal, subway, intelligent light, power transmission, radio and television transmission and other engineering construction.

Communication Maintenance Service


Our company's maintenance business is extensive. We can provide maintenance services for all kinds of communication equipment and networks. Our main businesses includes: provide maintenance of base station, transmission, broadband, indoor coverage and WLAN, CPN for operators, also provide maintenance of base station power, air conditioner, moving ring, engine room for China Tower.

Network Optimization Service


Our company's network optimization service covers the whole mobile communications, the main businesses include: wireless network optimization, exchange network optimization, wireless network planning design, wireless network signal testing and evaluation, dual frequency network optimization, etc.

loT Maintenance Services


With the popularization and development of IoT equipment, the sharing economy is booming. Our company can provide the maintenance of various terminals in the market, such as express boxes, charging piles, smart cube, smart light, etc. We will be the IoT guardians in the world.

Our Advantages

After a long period of research in the communication industry, our company has developed a efficient management system. We have already cultivated many professional teams, accumulated a wealth of experience and technical foundation. Our company maintains a good corporate image and reputation in the industry with fast response and high quality service.

Professional Team and Growing Mechanism
Perfect Safety Production Guarantee System
Strict Quality Management System
Efficient Information Management Platform