Full-band NB-IoT Chip
Full-band NB-IoT chip, based on 3GPP R13/R14 version, is a narrow-band IoT communication chip, supporting NB-IoT full-band, integrating 32-bit domestic CPU core, NB-IoT base band and RF, various peripheral interfaces and security kernel and so on, which has the advantages of low power consumption, low cost and high integration. At the same time, we provide a complete development kit and software package, to meet customer needs to quickly launch terminal products.


+ Integrated NB-1oT baseband and RF;
+ Support 3GPPR13/R14 version; support the three deployment scenarios of Standalone, In-band and Guard-band; support various deployment scenarios of operators.
+ Support the whole frequency band and meet the requirements of different operators for flexible selection of the operating frequency band;
+ Support PSM and eDRX modes, effectively reducing power consumption;
+ Receiving sensitivity up to -108 DBM;
+ Built-in power amplifier module of no less than 20dBm;
+ Integrated outsourced CPU core with domestic intellectual property instruction set: the frequency is up to 76MHz, which can be flexibly adjusted to meet the requirements of different computing performance; support hardware module that can step track and debug;
+ Built-in mass storage: integrated non-volatile Flash for firmware storage; integrated SRAM for storing computation results; the firmware of the system takes up little storage space, saving enough storage space for end users to develop additional functional components according to their requirements.
+ Integration of a variety of peripheral interfaces; able to be connected to a variety of IoT sensors;
+ Security module accelerated by integrated hardware and secure communication with very low power consumption provide protection for user data.