Intelligent Gas

The intelligent gas system provides remote gas meter reading and real-time alarm and monitoring, which meets the demand of gas companies for household meter reading, collection, management and control. This helps to achieve the standard growth of gas companies, improve the management of natural gas transmission, and reduce energy consumption in the process.

Wireless remote gas meter
+ Adopt LoRa/NB-IoT technology.
+ Reliable transmission with low power consumption.
+ Wireless automatic routing technology.
+ Alarm prompt, LCD display.
+ IP65, Exib ⅡBT3 GB explosion-proof.
+ Remote reading of meter data.
+ Read meter configuration parameter information.
+ Timing reporting function.
+ Freeze data reporting.
+ Valve control function: remote on-off, magnetic attack switch, battery under-voltage shut-off, automatic shut-off.
+ Alarm function: under voltage alarm, magnetic attack alarm, disassembled alarm, arrears alarm.
+ Wireless upgrade program: wireless upgrade on the meter through the management system or mobile apps. Repair bugs in time and ensure stable performance.