Intelligent Air Conditioning Control
The intelligent air conditioning controller is equipped with NB-IoT/4G communication technology. It is directly linked to a wireless connection with the primary station and self-learn the air conditioning commands. Through the software platform, the controller sends power on/off commands to adjust the air conditioning temperature remotely formulates energy-saving operation strategy any time to achieve energy conservation in the base station. At the same time, it can monitor the environmental status of the equipment room, such as smoke, water immersion, access control, and temperature.

Main Function

+ The air conditioning controller can switch on and off power, adjust working modes, and control temperature of the base station and work environment.
+ The infrared emitting head supports the remote installation of up to 10m.
+ It is capable of learning up to 60 air conditioning commands of any brand through infrared radiation, such as power on/off, operation modes, and temperature setting;
+ The learned instructions can be transmitted through infrared radiation to remote-control air conditioning and it is easy to install and test on-site.
+ The temperature sensor can be used to monitor the air outlet temperature and the return air temperature and in turn, control air conditioning according to the measured temperature;
+ It has abnormal alarm functions such as running status alarms and power alarms.
+ With three-phase/single-phase voltage, current monitoring function, and other functions, measurement errors of voltage, current, active power do not exceed 2%.
+ It can monitor battery and daily power consumption data. The data can be stored for 3 month.