Clean Energy - Photovoltaic Energy

Business Scope:

We provide a complete set of PV services for the design, survey, grid connection, and engineering of 6kwp~13kwp photovoltaic smallcells on the communications smallcells with better illumination, for the sake of energy conservation and emission reduction.


We provide the design, survey, NDRC report, and grid connection of 6kwp~13kwp photovoltaic smallcells, including photovoltaic smallcells and track lighting systems.


We worked with and China Tower on the pilot project of smallcell PV retrofit. To date, distributed PV applications have been used in some parts of Guangdong.


1、reducing smallcell temperature and electricity expenses on air-conditioning;

2、reducing the cost of electricity in the computer room and achieving environmental protection, energy saving, and emission reduction.

Tower+Scene with Tracking System

Tower+Ordinary photovoltaic scene