NB-IoT series

Designed with the standard NB-IoT protocol, the NH01A is a high-performance, low-power NB-IoT module that supports full-band operation of the network.

The NH01A is suitable for a variety of demanding work environments due to its compact design, low power consumption and good temperature characteristics. It is widely used in M2M IoT, such as smart parking, smart meter reading, smart city, smart security, agriculture and environmental monitoring, etc. It also can build a IoT management system with the smart cloud.

Typical parameters

Output power23dBm
Receiving sensitivity-135d Bm
Power Supply15 UW
Working voltage3.6V (3.1-4.2V )
AT command3GPP TR45.820 extend AT Command Set
Communication InterfaceUART (TTL)
Data rate100bps
Size19.9 x 23.6 x2.8mm
Working temperature-40C~ +85C
LoRaWAN Series


+ LoRa spread spectrum modulation technology
+ Transmission distance up to 5000 meters
+ Working frequency: 433MHz and 470MHz optional
+ Various work parameter adjustments (channel, power, serial port rate, promise mode, etc.)
+ Efficient forward error correction channel coding technology
+ Two sleep modes with a minimum standby current of less than 4μA (3.6V)
+ Electrostatic protection design, contact ±8KV and air ±15KV discharge
+ Compatible with industrial and civil grades, operating temperature range -40 ° C to 85°C

Typical parameters

Working voltage3.6V~5.0V (TTL)/ 5.0V(RS232 / 485)
Working frequency band433MHz/470~510MHz
Network ModelLoRaWANA / CLAA
Emission power20dBm
Receiving sensitivity-112dBm @GFSK, 1200bps
-136dBm @LoRa, SF=12,BW=125K
Emission current<130mA @20dBm, 5.0V
<115mA @17dBm, 5.0V
<72mA @11dBm, 5.0V
Receiving current<17 mA
Dormant current<4μA(3.6V,UART-TTL)
Communication InterfaceUART-TTL / RS232 / RS485
Communication distanceSight distance 5000 m
Working temperature-40℃ ~ +85℃
Working humidityRelative humidity10%~90%,non-condensing
LoRa Water and Gas Meter Series

By using LoRa technology and the self-developed algorithm, not only the meter has a long communication distance, but also has ultra-low power consumption control to ensure the system to run stably during its lifetime.

Typical parameters

Item parameter
unit min typical max
Average Standby Current μA 35 45
Direct meter reading interval s 6 8
Working temperature -25 25 65
Emission frequency MHz 496.16
Emission power dBm 19 20 21
Reliable transmission distance Km1.3
Modulation mode LoRa
Module design life year 10