Sharing 5G Wonders: Super Telecom & Sunray Technology at China Mobile Global Partner Conference
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China Mobile Global Partner Conference 2018 was convened at the PWTC Expo, Guangzhou from December 6 to 8. China Mobile 5G Innovation Center worked with more than 200 top global companies to display the latest 5G innovations, from chips to terminals, from edge computing to core network, giving the full picture of China Mobile's 5G ecological strategy. As important partners of China Mobile, Super Telecom and its holding subsidiary Sunray Technology were invited to the event.  


"5G Connection to New Era" Theme Booth

 Revolving around the theme of the conference, "5G Connection to New Era", Super Telecom displayed solutions to NB-IoT smallcell equipment and network construction, focusing on the spread of 5G network evolution and expansion of the scale of 5G applications. We also exhibited NB-IoT modules and its applied achievements, as well as solutions to the IoT vertical industry terminals and application platforms. We had fully demonstrated the great prospects for 5G network deployment and its application in vertical areas.    

 NB-IoT Wireless Networking Started

As 5G will be used for commercial purposes in 2020, we will seize the golden opportunities of 5G and IoT to expand our key business of network services. Our smallcell technology comes out on top and Super Telecom was included as an equipment supplier of China Mobile in 2015. The smallcell has a coverage of up to 300 meters and provides access to hundreds of users (nodes). The NB-IoT smallcell has been applied in intelligent parking and remote meter reading. It will be used more widely as the layout of operators quickens.



Booth of Holding Subsidiary Sunray Technology


Empowering IoT Application

5G is driving the development of all industries. It was first used in seven sectors: smart city, smart transportation, smart agriculture, smart industry and energy, smart education, smart health care, and smart finance. Our products and solutions related to low power-consumption wireless IoT communications, which are developed by Sunray, have covered intelligent water utilities, intelligent gas, intelligent electricity meter, intelligent firefighting, intelligent street lamp control, and energy consumption monitoring and management. Another holding subsidiary Connectek IoT Tech provides clients with solutions to the acquisition of intelligent IoT data, which have been widely used in retail, manufacturing, logistics and other sectors.  



China Mobile Leaders Visiting Super Telecom Booth in the Company of Chairman Liang Jianhua

Many of our IoT terminals and solutions such as NB-IoT cell equipment, modules, water/electricity/gas meters, and smart smoke alarms attracted China Mobile leaders, important guests, and friends of the industry. The communication platform created by the conference provides an opportunity for us to discuss the cooperation in NB-IoT/5G new era with businesses of various sectors. 



Deputy General Manager Zhang Jun Explaining to the Audience

 5G will bring about more opportunities as well as social changes. Super Telecom has prepared for the strategic layout of "Hardware-Vertical Application-Network". We will help to promote China's 5G development and realize the vision of changing society with 5G technology.