STS was approved as the leading innovation team in guangzhou in 2018
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On May 24, Guangzhou talents work net released the key project list of leading talents (team) of Guangzhou industry in 2018. The project " e-commerce - industrial linking with intelligent logistics service platform for R&D and application ", which declared by STS with the subsidiary Connectck and the innovation team led by professor Huang Guoquan, won the innovation leader team project funding support in Guangzhou in 2018.


 Solve industry pain points and have broad application prospects

 Guangzhou innovation leading team project financial support is to encourage and attract leading industrial talents to work in Guangzhou, promote the development of modern service industry, advanced manufacturing industry, strategic emerging industry and traditional industry transformation and upgrading. Our project caters to the rapid development of e-commerce marketing in modern industrial logistics and distribution logistics. We research on e-commerce logistics control technology and system aiming at high efficiency and low cost, meeting the core need of this industry, and the results will have a very broad application prospects.












 With the encouragement and support of Guangzhou municipal government, our project team will accelerate the pace of R&D and promote the incubation and promotion of core technologies. The project will effectively solve the common technical problems of construction of intelligent logistics platform with super variety and super small batch that restricts the upgrading of industrial enterprises, transportation logistics and e-commerce in our city.It promotes the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, improves the content of science and technology and core competitiveness of e-commerce industry, and provides demonstration for enterprises to realize leap-forward development by relying on scientific and technological innovation.At the same time, it can strongly promote the development of logistics industry and talent team construction in Guangzhou, so as to drive the development of local talents and industrial upgrading, truly realize independent R&D and technological innovation, and promote the transformation of e-commerce logistics industry and   intelligent level in Guangzhou.