Established in 1998 in China, Super Telecom Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: SH.603322), is a leading provider of communications and new energy services and IoT solutions as well as a manufacturer of smart hardware in China. We were listed in the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2016. It takes the lead in the construction, maintenance, and upgrading of communications network and the development of software and hardware. With its business reaching IoT, AI, new energy, edge computation, and cloud computing, it offers all-round solutions to the production and management platform for communications equipment.
As one of the earliest enterprises to set foot in China’s information and communications technology, we have grown into a high-tech company with integrated communications technology services. At present, we have 21 branches and R&D centers, 5 wholly-owned subsidiaries, and 3 holding subsidiaries (Shanghai Sunray Technology, Guangdong Connectek IOT and Chengdu Hop Environmental Protection). Our services reach every corner of China.
We have a range of credentials, from CMMI3, Grade A communications engineering contracting, and Grade A communications network maintenance. We are a technically strong business with considerable expertise and a reservoir of talent that establish strategic partnership with various operators, China Tower, and upstream and downstream companies.

We have produced solutions to smart terminals and core networks such as NB-IoT/LORA module, intelligent water/gas/electricity meter, payment terminal, and smallcell. Through research into IoT, we have formed a package of solutions to intelligent water utility, intelligent energy consumption, intelligent firefighting, intelligent street lamp, intelligent logistics, intelligent storage, and intelligent parking. Our new energy service products and solutions include power lithium battery, distributed power supply cabinet, photovoltaic equipment, intelligent charging pile, distributed energy storage, charging station of, UPS, and intelligent microgrid. All these effectively meet the new needs of operators, China Tower, Power Grid, and radio and television network for new energy.

Our core mission is to "make innovations for clients". To this end, we keep developing new approaches to business management to improve the quality of products and services and promote industrial development. We also rely on industrial development and capital management for corporate transformation. In this way, we are poised to become a respected enterprise that creates benefits for shareholders, value for society, and career opportunities for employees.